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August 16 2017


In Less Than Five Years, 44 Billion Cameras Will Be Watching Us

An anonymous reader writes:

It was a big deal for many when Apple added a second camera to the back of the iPhone 7 Plus last year. In five years, that will be considered quaint. By then, smartphones could sport 13 cameras, allowing them to capture 360-degree, 3D video; create complex augmented reality images onscreen; and mimic with digital processing the optical zoom and aperture effects of an SLR. That's one of the far-out, but near-term, predictions in a new study by LDV Capital, a VC firm that invests in visual technologies such as computer vision. It polled experts at its own portfolio companies and beyond to predict that by 2022, the total number of cameras in the world will reach about 45 billion. Jaw-dropping as that figure is, it doesn't seem so crazy when you realize that today there are already about 14 trillion cameras in the world, according to data from research firms such as Gartner. Next to phones, other camera-hungry products will include robots (including autonomous cars), security cameras, and smart home products like the new Amazon Echo Show, according to LDV.
UPDATE: Story has been updated to reflect the updates made to The Fast Company article. The outreach figures are 45 billion cameras by 2022, not trillion

Hackercamp SHA2017: Gold-Standard für Staatstrojaner gesucht

Nicht nur in Deutschland oder Österreich, auch in Italien wird der Einsatz von Überwachungstrojanern durch die Strafverfolgungsbehörden diskutiert. Er soll von einem Gesetz geregelt werden, über das eifrig dabattiert wird.


End Biometric Border Screening

This summer, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expanding its program of subjecting U.S. and foreign citizens to facial recognition screening at international airports. This indiscriminate biometric surveillance program threatens the personal privacy of millions of travelers. DHS should end it.

The history of this program is a case study in mission creep. In 1996, Congress authorized automated tracking of foreign citizens as they enter and exit the U.S. In 2004, DHS began biometric screening of foreign citizens upon arrival.



Überwachung: Wie ein Algorithmus Spionageflugzeuge findet

In den USA haben Journalisten einen Algorithmus und den Datensatz von Flightradar24 eingesetzt, um Spionageflugzeuge zu finden. Sie sind bei vielen verschiedenen Behörden fündig geworden.


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Teletrust: IT-Sicherheitsverband will gegen Staatstrojaner klagen

Der BKA und das BSI gehören dem IT-Sicherheitsverband Teletrust an. Das hindert den Verein jedoch nicht daran, gegen die Ausweitung des Staatstrojaner-Einsatzes Verfassungsbeschwerde einzulegen.

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