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October 24 2017


EU-Kommission fordert rasche Nachbesserungen beim Privacy Shield

Die EU-Kommission hat eine ambivalente erste Bestandsaufnahme zum transatlantischen "Datenschutzschild" gezogen: Insgesamt funktioniere die Vereinbarung, die US-Regierung müsse aber strenger kontrollieren und eine feste Schiedsstelle einrichten.


Europol: EU will "Entschlüsselungsplattform" ausbauen

Die Verschlüsselung privater Kommunikation soll auch auf europäischer Ebene angegriffen werden. Da der Einbau von Hintertüren offenbar vom Tisch ist, geht es nun um Schwachstellen bei der Implementierung und das Hacken von Passwörtern.

October 23 2017


For Under $1,000, Mobile Ads Can Track Your Location

"Researchers were able to use GPS data from an ad network to track a user to their actual location, and trace movements through town," writes phantomfive. Mashable reports:

The idea is straightforward: Associate a series of ads with a specific individual as well as predetermined GPS coordinates. When those ads are served to a smartphone app, you know where that individual has been... It's a surprisingly simple technique, and the researchers say you can pull it off for "$1,000 or less." The relatively low cost means that digitally tracking a target in this manner isn't just for corporations, governments, or criminal enterprises. Rather, the stalker next door can have a go at it as well... Refusing to click on the popups isn't enough, as the person being surveilled doesn't need to do so for this to work -- simply being served the advertisements is all it takes.

It's "an industry-wide issue," according to the researchers, while Mashable labels it "digital surveillance, made available to any and all with money on hand, brought to the masses by your friendly neighborhood Silicon Valley disrupters."
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